Faces of Detroit

Senior Technician Painted By Detroit Artist

Rodney Barns, Senior Technician in the Plymouth Office, was approached by Scott Schaible. Scott is a local artist in Detroit and the creator of Faces of Detroit. Faces of Detroit is a ministry where Scott paints portraits of Veterans and/or people experiencing homelessness [ ].

Rodney is known for his radiant smile and light he brings into this world. “Rodney is an Army veteran who served 23 years. He did multiple tours of duty including, Saudi Arabia in 1991, Kuwait & Iraq in 2003-2004 and Afghanistan from 2010-2011. He loves to laugh and has a smile that can light up a room, Rodney is a believer and puts his trust in God during times of trouble. We are so thankful for his friendship and his service” (Schaible). This portrait is a perfect depiction of Rodney’s Personality.

TTL thanks Rodney for the joy he brings to the world with his addicting smile and character and for his service to our country.