Construction Quality Control Testing & Inspection

Construction Quality Control

Testing & Inspection

Structural integrity is only as dependable as the materials used in the construction process. TTL performs construction quality control testing of soils, concrete, asphalt, masonry, and steel.

Site Soil Testing
  • Monitoring structural fill
  • Relative density
  • Soil/aggregate compaction
  • Soil bearing for shallow foundations

Deep Foundations Inspections
  • Auger cast pile
  • Caisson inspections
  • Pile driving

Concrete Testing
  • Bridge decks, piers, and abutments
  • Buildings (foundations, floors, and walls)
  • Roadways, curbs, and sidewalks
Asphalt Testing
  • Extraction/gradation/hot bin analysis
  • Marshall mix design and density
  • Performance grade binder testing
  • Specific gravity of compacted mix
  • Superpave mix design

TTL’s Construction Quality Control Testing and Inspection engineers and managers routinely develop quality control programs for transportation and building projects that assure quality.

Construction quality assurance oversight is an important element to ensure a geotechnical feature is successfully completed per the design specifications. The TTL Team routinely provides these services, including embankment material selection and compaction, drainage system installation, anchor load tests, and observation of retention system installation. Our engineers can provide a full range of engineering services involving not only testing and observation of construction materials and practices, but also design services and condition assessments that require special expertise.

Featured Projects


TTL performed the Contractor Quality Control Management, Inspection and Testing for Runway 14/32 and Runway 01/19.  Runway 14/32 is approximately 2.6 miles long and Runway 01/19 is approximately 1.8 miles long. Each was removed in entirety.  The full depth replacements included associated ramps and taxiways.  Full depth reconstruction included both concrete and asphalt concrete pavement sections.  All construction activities were performed while the other runway at the base remained active. Our services included soil compaction testing, airfield lighting electrical inspection, soil classification testing, soil-cement mix designs, concrete mix designs, and asphalt mix designs.  All testing and reporting procedures were performed in strict accordance with United States Air Force specifications for Airfield Pavements.  TTL also established a government and USACE Validated on-site laboratory testing facility.   TTL developed concrete mix designs to meet stringent Airfield pavement specifications. Concrete placements consisting of 2,000 cy to 4,000 cy per shift were routinely performed for completion of the approximately 250,000 cy of total concrete.

Suspension Bridges

TTL performed Quality Control testing and inspection services for the State Route 2 high level Suspension Bridge over the Maumee River. The bridge deck consisted not only of light weight concrete but also had to be placed simultaneously from both sides of the bridge during pavement pours. This added another level another level of difficulty to the project during pours. Not only did TTL have to run concrete test during pavement operations from two sides of the bridge but had to keep in constant contact with contractor if concrete trucks were out of specification to keep the ever-changing load to the bridge balanced at all times. TTL followed specifications of ODOT QA/QC testing for this project. Concrete placements consisted of 200 cy to 300 cy per side on a shift.

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